Port Sunlight

Unilever at Port Sunlight

Unilever is an international consumer-goods conglomerate with headquarters in Rotterdam, Netherlands and London, England. The chances are that you will recognise many of their products and some of them will be a part of your daily routine. Unilever is the parent company of brands such as: Lynx Shower Gel, Dove Soap, Hellman’s Mayonnaise, Magnum and Cornetto Ice-cream and Flora margarine. All are extremely popular and widely used products that each share commonalities in that they are produced by chemists.

Unilever have a Research and Development centre in Port Sunlight which has a primary focus on improving existing “hair care” and cosmetic products; and developing new ones. It is a multi-national community of over 750 scientists who have 200 PhDs between them – more than most leading UK universities. The predominantly UK based workforce is joined by colleagues from the US, Latin America, Europe, the Indian sub-continent and China. Expertise ranges from biologists, physical chemists and chemical engineers, to psychologists, sociologists and neuroscientists