Its the last day of term – and we are off to West Derby School to deliver our last Measuring for Success event lesson! I hope the boys aren’t too excited about Santa’s imminent arrival to concentrate!!!

I shouldn’t have worried …. Year 10 were fantastic! Despite teaching them for the very final hour before they broke for Christmas, the boys worked really well! They listened and searched their brains for prior knowledge and were able to suggest Chemical reaction indicators with ease; Some were even able to recall terms like Exothermic and Endothermic – I was well impressed!

We were carrying out a Thermometirc titration today – and using our results to calculate the concentration of the sodium Hydroxide used. The boys executed the practical part with ease and then plotted their graphs, drew lines of best fit and used the intersection to find volume of HCl used at the end point! Phew!

After completing their evaluation forms, the boys were given a Chemistry for All pendrive …. and off they shot! Christmas Holidays – here we come!