We had a great Christmas break, but are back in the office and raring to go! Exciting times ahead!

The new term started with a visit to Broadgreen International School to deliver our second event to Year 9. It was great to see our cohort pupils again – even though they couldn’t remember my name and called me Susan!!! 🙂

The event is called “The chemistry of Large Molecules” – covering addition polymerisation, cross linking and thermosoftening polymers.

We started off by acting out polymeristaion – complete with deely boppers and fairy wings! The pupils loved it – one boy wanted to wear 4 pairs at once! You can see from the photo below, how we all started in pairs as the individual monomer, Ethene  – the polymer fairy waved her magic wand – and BINGO! We had a class long polymer called polyethene. Fantastic! It is a great way to explain what happens in polymerisation and pupils were soon experts!

The next activity was making slime! We used PVA glue and added Borax solution which made the glue turn into slime … this is due to the borax making cross links between the polymer chains making a more rigid structure. Vic added to this by talking about vulcanisation of rubber by Charles Goodyear – Another good example of Chemistry in history!

Finally, we discussed thermosoftening plastics by playing with, (oops I mean, investigating!!) Polymorph. The pupils soon got the idea of what to do and were able to suggest some uses of this product.

All in all – another great day for BGIS pupils and the CfA team!

Next week we are off to All Saints Catholic High school in Kirby. Looking forward to it already!!!