Another great day – teaching great pupils! We love our job!!

This week it was Woodchurch Y9’s turn to experience our “Chemistry of Large molecules” event – A whistlestop tour of Polymerisation – looking at Addition polymerisation, cross linking and thermosoftening polymers in just over an hour! Phew!

We started off by acting out polymerisation with deely boppers and a catalyst fairy complete with pink wings and a magic wand! Boy – Fairy J loved it as was soon prancing around like a real fairy!!! 😀 Seriously, although we were having lots of fun, this was  great way to help our pupils visualise what actually happens in polymerisation – and they were soon able to describe the process using terms like Monomer, polymer and double bond. Very impressive!

The next task was to investigate cross linking polymers by looking at PVA glue and borax … Yak! Its was very messy but everyone soon had their hands dirty and were bouncing, pulling and shaping the slime to demonstrate properties caused by cross-linking. Awesome!

Our final activity was to learn about thermo-softening polymers using a sample of Polymorph which was kindly provided by Perstorp in Warrington. Our favourite thing was to gently pull the sample into a thin thread … we pulled and pulled and ended up with a ridiculously thin thread that stretched across the whole lab! It was very impressive!



Everyone not only enjoyed our session – but also learnt a great deal and were soon able to use Chemical language, knowledge and knowhow to explain how polymers form and to describe their reactions and properties.

Well done Year 9 – You were amazing as usual!!!