What a great school!! We love visiting Woodchurch High school – the staff and pupils are so welcoming and friendly …

Our first visit was to year 9 where we delivered our Working Scientifically event – Wow! What a great group of pupils! We were looking at the factors that affect the Rate of reaction – We investigated temperature with Glo-sticks in hot and cold water, surface area with the biggest Custard bombs this term, concentration with the iodine clock and watched a demonstration of catalysis with Hydogen peroxide. Phew! We all needed a rest after that!!!

Vic explaining what to do!

Using the iodine clock ….

Glo-sticks …

BIG custard bombs!

Elephants toothpaste ..

Later in the week, we returned to deliver our new event, Measuring for success, with Y10 … They, too, were amazing! They were carrying out their first titration – using the temperature change in an acid-base reaction to determine the end-point and consequently calculate the concentration of an unknown acid….

Titrating for the first time!

Jack has a go at teaching! Well done, Jack!

More titrating skills on show!

Amazing graphs!

Wow! A lot to get trough in 75 minutes, but the pupils performed the procedure with precision and accuracy, with 2 groups determining the exact concentration! Amazing!

One more school to go – Next week we will be at West Derby School … Cant wait! 🙂