What a week we’ve had!! We’ve had 2 visits to Broadgreen International School to deliver one of our events to Y9 and Y10.

Y9 received our “Working scientifically” event which looks at how we can change the rate of reaction by looking at Glo-sticks, custard bombs, Elephants toothpaste and the Iodine clock! The pupils did really well and were quickly using Scientific language such as Particle, Collision and energy! They especially liked the “Challenge of the day” where they had to alter the c0oncentrations based on prior data to make the clock stop at exactly 30 seconds! Many of them managed it! Well done year 9!

All ready for Y9 ...

All ready for Y9 …


Glo-sticks in hot and cold water


Custard bombs!

You can have a go at the Glo-stick investigation by following our “Chemistry at home” activity here!

Year 10 were the guinea pigs as they were the first pupils to receive our new “Measuring for success” event …. Their faces when they walked in were a picture! One pupils was heard to say, “Woah! This looks very practically!” They did brilliantly – they quickly got to grips with the burette and were soon titrating like pros! In fact, they were so successful that many groups calculated the concentration of the Hydrochloric acid nearly perfectly!


All ready for Y10


Excellent titration skills!


Beautiful graphwork!

Looking ahead we are booked in to visit All Saints Catholic High School and Bebington High Sports College next week – Let’s hope we have as much fun there!!!