Its been very busy in the CfA office – we’ve been planning our new Y10 event for after half term as well as our inbound events for the summer …. and we’ve even managed to squeeze in visits to deliver our Chemistry of large molecules events to our Y9 pupils! Busy! Busy! Busy!

On Friday it was time to visit All Saints Catholic High School in Kirkby. Jack and I delivered the session to 2 classes of Y9 pupils back to back –  The Y9 students were fantastic and really entered in to the spirit of CfA by learning many new things whilst having lots of fun. They were also really impressed with Jack’s American accent, too!

We were looking at Polymerisation – and managed to act out a class full of monomers into a class long polymer …. all thanks to our wonderful catalyst fairy, Fairy K, who wore his pink wings with pride! It was a great way to visualise what happens during addition polymerisation – and by the end, pupils were able to describe the reaction using words like Monomer, double bond and catalyst.

After that we looked at Cross-linking polymers by investigating PVA glue and Borax … There were lots of ew’s and Urgh’s – but eventually everyone got their hands mucky and were able to describe what was happening using correct terminology and chemical knowledge. I was very impressed!

Our final activity was looking at Thermosoftening polymers using a sample of Polymorph provided by Perstorp in Warrington. We all loved it! Pupils pulled it into really thin threads and modelled it into a variety of shapes. Great stuff!

We were super-impressed with Y9’s attitude to learning and loved watching them enjoy learning about Chemistry. Well done Y9!

Next up is Woodchurch High school – lets hope we have as much fun there! Looking forward to it already!