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A covalent bond yells at an ionic bond ….

Today was West Derby School's turn to receive our Bonding Workshop event .... and what a good morning we had! Due to unforeseen circumstances, we started a bit late - so had to work super-quick to get through all the activites we had planned for an hour in 45 mins! Phew! However, Year 10 were [...]

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A covalent bond joke? Thanks for sharing ….

We have a busy week coming up with 3 school visits but lots of fun! First up was All Saints Catholic High school, Kirkby. We love visiting this Y10 cohort - they are always super attentive and keen to learn: today was no different. We only had an hour - but managed to squeeze an [...]

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My names Bond … Covalent bond!

Its time for Year 11's second event of the year .... Our first Bonding workshop - Covalent bonding and hydrocarbons. Bebington High Sports College were the first recipents - With it being the first time through, we were a bit nervous on the day - but everything went brilliantly! Our CfA cohort were split over [...]

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A wonderful day @ Woodchurch!

Another great day - teaching great pupils! We love our job!! This week it was Woodchurch Y9's turn to experience our "Chemistry of Large molecules" event - A whistlestop tour of Polymerisation - looking at Addition polymerisation, cross linking and thermosoftening polymers in just over an hour! Phew! We started off by acting out polymerisation [...]

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All great @ All Saints!

Its been very busy in the CfA office - we've been planning our new Y10 event for after half term as well as our inbound events for the summer .... and we've even managed to squeeze in visits to deliver our Chemistry of large molecules events to our Y9 pupils! Busy! Busy! Busy! On Friday it [...]

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A new year of CfA at BGIS

HAPPY NEW YEAR! We had a great Christmas break, but are back in the office and raring to go! Exciting times ahead! The new term started with a visit to Broadgreen International School to deliver our second event to Year 9. It was great to see our cohort pupils again - even though they couldn't remember my [...]

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What a great first term for Chemistry for All!

What a busy half term that was!! We were fully booked, visiting all of our schools 3 times over 6 weeks! We hardly had time to catch our breath, but have had a wonderful time interacting with our fabulous students and having the honour of teaching them highlights of our favourite subject, Chemistry!!! We started [...]

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A Christmas visit to WDS!

Its the last day of term - and we are off to West Derby School to deliver our last Measuring for Success event lesson! I hope the boys aren't too excited about Santa's imminent arrival to concentrate!!! I shouldn't have worried .... Year 10 were fantastic! Despite teaching them for the very final hour before [...]

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A Wonderful Week @ Woodchurch High school

What a great school!! We love visiting Woodchurch High school - the staff and pupils are so welcoming and friendly ... Our first visit was to year 9 where we delivered our Working Scientifically event - Wow! What a great group of pupils! We were looking at the factors that affect the Rate of reaction [...]

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