Holly Chrishop
Holly ChrishopGraduated 2013
Project manager Catalent Pharma solutions.
I first became interested in science from an early age; I loved understanding how things worked and the technical terms for things around me. It probably wasn’t until high school that I fully understood the variety of topics science applies to.
Science was taught in various different ways such as copying from text books to much more fun practicals. I enjoyed the hands on learning as I think it made the lesson stick in my head a lot better. I did science all in one lesson in year 7 and 8, when I got to year 9 we did a lesson each for chemistry, physics and biology. I then did a double award GCSE as we didn’t have the option to do triple science; if we did I would have taken the opportunity.
My school didn’t have the best resources however I was very lucky to have some great teachers. We were taught in different ways such as puzzles and team work exercises to help with learning. Unfortunately we didn’t have funding for science at A-level so I moved to another collage for A-levels which was different, but I felt that doing science was worth the move. I was one of only 6 to gain a place at university and the first out of my whole family.
Probably about year 9, as this was when chemistry was then taught as a separate lesson rather than just general science and I saw how interesting it was on its own.
Since graduating [from LJMU with a BSc in Analytical, Chemical and Pharmaceutical Sciences] I have had several jobs including becoming a senior science technician in a Sixth Form College providing students with supplies for experiments. I have also worked in a food and waters testing laboratory ensuring samples were up to standard for consumption. Currently I now work in clinical trials organising international campaigns for experimental drugs.
As a Project Manager I currently work with pharmaceutical companies to run clinical trials all over the world. This entails working with experimental drugs making sure they are safe to handle and then packaging them. Once packaged the kits are distributed worldwide to sick people who need them.
My favourite food would have to be a steak and chips.
My bed, watching TV. Although I have currently started travelling to Germany with work and I loved going to the Christmas markets eating waffles and drinking glühwein.
I like watching films on the weekend and going out to restaurants.
Chemistry opens many gates and presents more options to you than just the obvious. To be a pharmacist, doctor, dentist or engineer you may need to have chemistry on your CV. It also teaches you to think outside the box and employers recognise this, with chemists I know now working in areas such as banking, cosmetics and F1 tyres.