Its time for Year 11’s second event of the year …. Our first Bonding workshop – Covalent bonding and hydrocarbons.

Bebington High Sports College were the first recipents – With it being the first time through, we were a bit nervous on the day – but everything went brilliantly! Our CfA cohort were split over 2 classes and extra spaces were filled by other deserving pupils. Victoria took one class – Menna took the other and a great time was had by all!

Pupils showed off their knowledge of Covalent Bonding and were introduced to Molymods which they used to build simple covalent molecules. We looked at the stoichiometry and discuss how molecules arrange themselves in space. This led us onto Hydrocarbons – building and naming up to Octane. We were amazed that the pupils quickly worked out the general formula and were able to apply to any number of carbon atoms with ease!

Everyone loves an explosion, so Methane bubbles were used to illustrate Combustion and we used a Bunsen burner to discuss complete and incomplete combustion.

Then we moved onto Alkenes; we used molymods again to build the molecules up to pentene, which gave us opportunity to discuss isomerism, too! Wow! Y10 are amazing! Once the pupils had worked out the general formula, we looked at how alkenes can be identified using Bromine water – Eugh! what a smell???!!!

A great day was had by all … cant wait to see you all in June when you visit us for our inbound event, “The chemistry of food“.