What a busy half term that was!!

We were fully booked, visiting all of our schools 3 times over 6 weeks! We hardly had time to catch our breath, but have had a wonderful time interacting with our fabulous students and having the honour of teaching them highlights of our favourite subject, Chemistry!!!

We started at Broadgreen International school who were the guinea pigs trying out our new event, Measuring for success for the first time! Thankfully, everything went well and Y10 were able to, not only carry out their first titration with skill and precision, but also use their results to draw a graph and use it to calculate the concentration of hydrochloric acid used in the thermometric titration. Wowzer! Didn’t they do well!

Next up was All Saints Catholic High school in Kirby. What a great bunch of student we have in Y10 … they looked a bit nervous when they walked in and saw all the burettes – one pupil was overheard saying, “Wow! This looks very science-y”! But they needn’t have worried – they were amazing! They listened intently to instructions and were soon titrating likes pro’s! Well done Y10!

The Super chemists hard at work!

We had a bit of a logisitical nightmare when we visited Bebington High School – instead of us teaching a few classes and everyone else experiencing from their teacher at a later date, the whole of Bebington Y10 receive our event at the same time  …. That’s 180 pupils and 90 burettes!!! Thankfully, we were able to source these from our main teaching labs, so all was OK in the end and was great to see all 180 pupils experiencing our event simultaneously!

The Y10 boys at West Derby School received an extra special Christmas treat – a visit from us on their very final lesson before they broke for the Christmas holiday! We did worry that they would be too excited about Santa’s imminent arrival to concentrate on “Measuring for success” but, as always, the boys were impeccably behaved and thoroughly enjoyed the chance to complete their very first titration with skill, accuracy and precision! Well done boys!

Our year 9 cohorts also received a visit from us this term … Our PHD student, Vic Brennan has been visiting schools to deliver an interactive whole year assembly, talking about her career journey and where a Chemistry qualification can take you. The pupils have certainly enjoyed it, especially the chance to dress up and watch a clip from Katherine Tate!!!

We have also visited our Y9 cohorts to deliver the next event, “Working scientifically” which is a whistle stop tour of kinetics …. We have an hour to investigate all factors that affect rate of reaction using Glo-sticks, custard bombs, the iodine clock and Elephants toothpaste! Phew! Its an action packed hour, but our students love it and have learnt so much!

BIG custard bombs!

We had a great visit to Cowley International College – and we were met by a giant inflatable Santa and Christmas tree which definitely put us in a festive mood!! Our cohort pupils were split into 2 groups and all worked extremely hard to get through all the activities – They particularly loved the custard bombs that were the best we had seen all term!

The last school we have visited this term was Woodchurch High School – we visited both Y10 and Y9 and had a great wonderful day with all our cohort pupils plus a few other Chemistry ambassadors. The Woodchurch pupils love our Chemistry for All events and always give us a great welcome. This term the pupils were overheard saying that the sessions were fantastic and they loved the opportunity to work as a team! Well done everyone – you were all stars!

Jack has a go at teaching! Well done, Jack!

Titrating for the first time!

Vic explaining what to do!

Glo-sticks …

This term is already underway having visited Broadgreen International School yesterday with our second Y9 event, “The Chemistry of Large molecules”. We will be visiting the rest of our Y9 pupils before half term, then Y10 will be receiving our new “Bonding Workshop” before Easter…. Its all GO! GO! GO!